Late night early morning mind runs wild with blue thoughts and grey sounds somehow I managed through today today I felt a little less lost than most days more sure certain beginning to admit amidst this mess and chaos does come a second or two of stillness   tonight’s little attempt to calm myself down … More 02:42

The Small Stone

Hi there! This is going to be a quick post- I’d be off to bed soon… this little girl needs her rest to get back a rosy, pimple-less complexion. Sadly I’ll take quite a while of consistent early rests and a lot of skin products to see that happen :D Anyway, I think I’d done … More The Small Stone

“Poems are just…

“Poems are just stories…with the boring parts left out.” – W.H. Auden   “Small stones are just life, life’s antics, life’s ordinary and life’s emotion… all of them, in black and white.” – Jodette P