Hey guys, here’s a quick post before I get on with an impending gush of work haha. School has begun! Today was our numero uno day back and I’m actually rather satisfied with the way it played out :) Honestly though, coming back to this little town once again, it feels like as though summer … More motivated

Some appreciation

I’d never been a patriot by heart. Sounds quite harsh now that I’m saying it, but it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved my country, the food, the sun, the green… But I realize that it’s not until recently that I’ve begun to truly appreciate Singapore. Leaving before I was even 10 … More Some appreciation


Late night early morning mind runs wild with blue thoughts and grey sounds somehow I managed through today today I felt a little less lost than most days more sure certain beginning to admit amidst this mess and chaos does come a second or two of stillness   tonight’s little attempt to calm myself down … More 02:42

4 ways to keep at it

So we’re a week into the second month of 2015! How’s everyone’s resolutions coming along? I would love to be able to tell you all that I’ve been a really strong girl, determined and focused and all, but… sadly I have to admit my commitment has wavered slightly, and the initial motivation I had has … More 4 ways to keep at it

Blazing spirits

Blazing Spirits by JodetteP Her skin was peach and cream, dewdrops on roses, as humble as mist in early light. Yet her skin smelled of a sun-kissed summer, tasted like salty blonde breath, as alive as spicy victory. There was a fresh feel about her swag and her lush gold-spun locks, playfully windswept and her … More Blazing spirits

Lets wrap it up

Lets Wrap It Up by JodetteP You know it when the wind blows chilly, when there is less naked and more clothes! on the girls and boys around you. It’s good, Another year drawingg to a close. Smell it in the aging leaves the sighs of relief a newfound equilibrium in the speedy circuit of … More Lets wrap it up

The First

Hello all :) This post would be the surprise! I’m posting my very first photo-journal today; all photos were taken with my sister’s Canon EOS 100D and hopefully you’ll excuse our amateur photography skills smiles~

sumtumn | autmmer

According to calendars, it should be fall time; and according to Chinese calendars, we ought be be way into autumn by now. But i must say the seasons seem to be playing some sort of game with us. You walk down the street expecting a mild nip in the wind, fall foliage rustling and all … More sumtumn | autmmer