The Small Stone

Hi there!
This is going to be a quick post- I’d be off to bed soon… this little girl needs her rest to get back a rosy, pimple-less complexion. Sadly I’ll take quite a while of consistent early rests and a lot of skin products to see that happen :D

I think I’d done a quick mention before but, I’ve started writing Small Stones!
I wrote my very first one quite a while ago, on Valentines Day I think… and since then wrote a couple more. The current count is 6 small stones :)
But I feel that first one is still the best- so here it is! It’s called ‘The Small Stone’, good pun eh? A small stone about a small, stone ;)

The Small Stone 

seven storey by pascal

Scoured, smoothed, licked, lapped, tasted by lost running water is a
molded, shapeless, textured, grainy, salty, small, stone.

Bye and goodnight! :D


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