Late night early morning mind runs wild with blue thoughts and grey sounds somehow I managed through today today I felt a little less lost than most days more sure certain beginning to admit amidst this mess and chaos does come a second or two of stillness   tonight’s little attempt to calm myself down … More 02:42

Blazing spirits

Blazing Spirits by JodetteP Her skin was peach and cream, dewdrops on roses, as humble as mist in early light. Yet her skin smelled of a sun-kissed summer, tasted like salty blonde breath, as alive as spicy victory. There was a fresh feel about her swag and her lush gold-spun locks, playfully windswept and her … More Blazing spirits

Through Gran’s Eyes

Through gran’s eyesby JodetteP An insistent sprout shot with youthful vigor through the fragile film of soil. Eager for the day. Between the waves of gaudy winter storms little feet in skates ruled the sheen silver ice. The nuances of their laughter indistinguishable in the marry of the sounds. As her head rises Over the … More Through Gran’s Eyes

Step by step

Step by Step  by JodetteP   One step I take one step Into a fresh Place A Fresh Start   Two steps It takes two steps For me to realize What I’ve Lost What I’ve Got   Three steps And I will see That there is more In my hands Than what I Hoped What … More Step by step


Island by JodetteP   he lies in grains of sand, sleeping dreaming forever thinking of lies and his love.   sometimes he’ll sway back and forth moving to melodies. Tonight silver plate in the sky- shatters and he’s picking the pieces.   Stuck between the water between the green the wood the living the sand … More Island


Hark! by JodetteP   Hark- Do you hear the soft chirping?   Hear strings of overlapped compositions, a soothing yet invigorating melody?   Stop- Do you see that burst of light?   See these linear streaks across the sky, those brilliant stripes, loud, all attention, away from the silently shadowed.   Wait- There is a … More Hark!

Pitter Patter

Pitter patter By Jodette P Pitter, patter. Pitter, patter. Droplets of liquid crystal fall from the dull skies. I can hear them, their song as they fall. They are a choir.   It smells sweet, sweet, sweet and fresh. It is the lingering smell of evaporating grass. It is the smell of soil, amongst the … More Pitter Patter