Lets wrap it up

Lets Wrap It Up by JodetteP You know it when the wind blows chilly, when there is less naked and more clothes! on the girls and boys around you. It’s good, Another year drawingg to a close. Smell it in the aging leaves the sighs of relief a newfound equilibrium in the speedy circuit of … More Lets wrap it up

Step by step

Step by Step  by JodetteP   One step I take one step Into a fresh Place A Fresh Start   Two steps It takes two steps For me to realize What I’ve Lost What I’ve Got   Three steps And I will see That there is more In my hands Than what I Hoped What … More Step by step


Bonds By JodetteP   The pat of the pad of my fingers.   On the black keys and the white ones.   Leaving marks and print, maybe stains of grease.   Soft touch, gentle tickling, sweep across silently, maybe.   Sweeping across silently but playing very much noisily.   I like the loud music, the … More Bonds