Hey guys, here’s a quick post before I get on with an impending gush of work haha. School has begun! Today was our numero uno day back and I’m actually rather satisfied with the way it played out :) Honestly though, coming back to this little town once again, it feels like as though summer … More motivated

4 ways to keep at it

So we’re a week into the second month of 2015! How’s everyone’s resolutions coming along? I would love to be able to tell you all that I’ve been a really strong girl, determined and focused and all, but… sadly I have to admit my commitment has wavered slightly, and the initial motivation I had has … More 4 ways to keep at it


F by JodettePĀ  Liquid ice hot faces the smell of my dirty pleasure clings on the scales, my thick armor im moated a reptile crawls idly taking first step into the metal flailing in its confinement thrashing flailing failing falling f ————————————————————————————————————– I’ve been fighting and internal war lately, and it hasn’t been easy. The … More F