Late night early morning mind runs wild with blue thoughts and grey sounds somehow I managed through today today I felt a little less lost than most days more sure certain beginning to admit amidst this mess and chaos does come a second or two of stillness   tonight’s little attempt to calm myself down … More 02:42

Blazing spirits

Blazing Spirits by JodetteP Her skin was peach and cream, dewdrops on roses, as humble as mist in early light. Yet her skin smelled of a sun-kissed summer, tasted like salty blonde breath, as alive as spicy victory. There was a fresh feel about her swag and her lush gold-spun locks, playfully windswept and her … More Blazing spirits

Simple serenity

sweet morning tea mug on the counter mug in my hand   the thin golden sheer dances from the window   Someone remind me.. the meaning of struggle?   I start a tune lazy heart beats in a new pulse and I sip to the beat I’ve been taught.   rising steam, find home on … More Simple serenity


Hi there! I’ve been a little adventurer and started exploring around various sites lately, checking out what’s “newly pressed” and eagerly looking for more “wordies”, as they call themselves. Oh gosh that name is really growing on me! At first I found it a little absurd that someone would call themselves a “wordie”. i’d always … More Polkadots

Fourtris fangirling

Hi there! Veronica Roth is mental, she’s a freaking genius! She’s just created a classic- Divergent. Right there. Anyone agrees? The dystopian world she’s created in the Divergent trilogy is crazy, not to mention the extremely appealing cover art design I fell in love with. Anyone wants to see my desktop wallpaper? :D The book was … More Fourtris fangirling