Late night early morning mind runs wild with blue thoughts and grey sounds somehow I managed through today today I felt a little less lost than most days more sure certain beginning to admit amidst this mess and chaos does come a second or two of stillness   tonight’s little attempt to calm myself down … More 02:42

4 ways to keep at it

So we’re a week into the second month of 2015! How’s everyone’s resolutions coming along? I would love to be able to tell you all that I’ve been a really strong girl, determined and focused and all, but… sadly I have to admit my commitment has wavered slightly, and the initial motivation I had has … More 4 ways to keep at it

The First

Hello all :) This post would be the surprise! I’m posting my very first photo-journal today; all photos were taken with my sister’s Canon EOS 100D and¬†hopefully you’ll excuse our amateur photography skills smiles~


Hi reader :) Thanks for visiting this blog :) Whether it was by accident or not, thank you :) This would not be my first blog, I manage 1 and a half other blogs, both from blogger. Thus, wordpress is pretty new to me. I personally find it difficult to navigate it’s settings and such… … More MyNameAndYours