Hey guys, here’s a quick post before I get on with an impending gush of work haha. School has begun! Today was our numero uno day back and I’m actually rather satisfied with the way it played out :) Honestly though, coming back to this little town once again, it feels like as though summer … More motivated

Some appreciation

I’d never been a patriot by heart. Sounds quite harsh now that I’m saying it, but it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always loved my country, the food, the sun, the green… But I realize that it’s not until recently that I’ve begun to truly appreciate Singapore. Leaving before I was even 10 … More Some appreciation

sumtumn | autmmer

According to calendars, it should be fall time; and according to Chinese calendars, we ought be be way into autumn by now. But i must say the seasons seem to be playing some sort of game with us. You walk down the street expecting a mild nip in the wind, fall foliage rustling and all … More sumtumn | autmmer

Through Gran’s Eyes

Through gran’s eyesby JodetteP An insistent sprout shot with youthful vigor through the fragile film of soil. Eager for the day. Between the waves of gaudy winter storms little feet in skates ruled the sheen silver ice. The nuances of their laughter indistinguishable in the marry of the sounds. As her head rises Over the … More Through Gran’s Eyes


F by JodetteP  Liquid ice hot faces the smell of my dirty pleasure clings on the scales, my thick armor im moated a reptile crawls idly taking first step into the metal flailing in its confinement thrashing flailing failing falling f ————————————————————————————————————– I’ve been fighting and internal war lately, and it hasn’t been easy. The … More F