Hey guys,

here’s a quick post before I get on with an impending gush of work haha. School has begun! Today was our numero uno day back and I’m actually rather satisfied with the way it played out :) Honestly though, coming back to this little town once again, it feels like as though summer never happened.. sigh.. but I guess good things must come to an end or they will no longer hold that same value we give them. That is not to say this second year of IB beginning is not a good thing! To be very honest, I am more excited than anything!

This year will pass by so quickly with internal assessments, university applications and mocks. Then it’s the actual exams and we’re off and graduated. It’s crazy thinking about it but next year in June i’ll probably be partying somewhere in Croatia aha. But for now- work. I am determined and motivated this year to do well. I want to start the year off right, and keep pushing all the way through. I realise that what matters the most right now is to keep learning and bettering myself. I want to maintain discipline while keeping my sanity, therefore my goal is to work hard play hard. Strike a balance and know when it’s time to do what.

I have confidence I can pull this off.


Sarah x



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