4 ways to keep at it

So we’re a week into the second month of 2015! How’s everyone’s resolutions coming along? I would love to be able to tell you all that I’ve been a really strong girl, determined and focused and all, but… sadly I have to admit my commitment has wavered slightly, and the initial motivation I had has started to make a turn down hill… …

If you’re like me, then sometimes you might feel like as though, once one thing has been labelled as a “resolution” or “goal”, you grow sick and tired of it quickly, and performing it becomes almost like a chore. I’m here to tell you that this is far from being “lazy” or “giving up”. It’s not embarrassing either! We’re all human, and no one was made to have the battery life of a Nokia (everlasting)! The important thing is that we acknowledge this little hurdle and try to tackle it. This brings us to the big question… How does one keep at something without losing the hunger and drive?

Do whatever you’re passionate about

There’s normally a reason why some people excel in certain things and others don’t. It’s not because they’re smarter or better or more competent… it’s most probably because, whatever they are doing- that’s where their heart is! No matter what field you are in, or whatever you are trying to accomplish, you have to be passionate about it for you to go far. That being said, it is obvious that passion is not the only ingredient to success, but it sure as hell is a large vital portion of it! With passion, you’d be self-motivated, self-driven, you’d being pursuing what you WANT to do. There’s no bigger incentive than self satisfaction. Think about a life where YOU are filled with satisfaction and pride every time you reach a milestone… that is the kind of life you want. Similarly, to keep at a resolution or to persist with anything, you have to be passionate about it… with passion, the work becomes easier to deal with.

2 Take baby steps

A baby has to learn to crawl, before walking, and walking before running. It is vital to have a longterm goal set out, just to constantly remind yourself of where you want to be, and to keep yourself working towards it. But as you manage your day to day life, it can get rather frustrating thinking about where to start and how to eventually reach that longterm goal. Without a laid out plan, it is easy to fall into the sticky arms of “Procrastination” (the devil). But the way to tackle this is easy! Simply, have a big goal in mind, but lay out smaller goals (like milestones or checkpoints), each one bringing you closer to the grand finale! It is much easier to take things step by step, not only does it allow you to feel motivating rewards along the way, it allows you to maintain focus and concentration.

3 Work smart

We talked about having a laid out goals, but it is important to remember that life is filled with uncertainty and sometimes plans have to be changed. If you have hit a bump in the road and realize you’re traveling down a wrong path, you don’t have to keep bumping your way through just because you’ve made a plan and you have to stick to it! (I hope the metaphor is clear haha.) As human beings, we have the power to reflect and to adapt accordingly. This is called working smart. By constantly reflecting, you can make better judgements, adjusting yourself and your plan to fit the circumstances. Do not waste limited resources and time on things that has proven to be unworthy.

4 Be active

I cannot stress enough how important it is to remain active in terms of communication and socializing. By actively communicating and sharing with people and friends that have similar interests, you get inspired, they get inspired, everybody gets better and climbs up the ladder together! This form of cross-contamination is also a great way to reflect upon yourself and others. It is, not to mention, a great way to seek help and second or third or fourth opinions. By being active you are committing, you are motivated while motivating. Don’t forget to reward yourself with an extensive get-together celebration! You deserve it!

That was 4 ways to “keep at it”, just some tips I have for you all to keep going at whatever you are going at :) Stay strong, keep faith and good luck! Believe in yourself! <3



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