Blazing spirits

Blazing Spirits
by JodetteP

Her skin was
peach and cream,
dewdrops on roses,
as humble as mist in early light.
Yet her skin
smelled of a sun-kissed summer,
tasted like salty blonde breath,
as alive as spicy victory.

There was a fresh feel about
her swag
her lush gold-spun locks,
playfully windswept
her bangs,
all teased up rocker style.

Velvet kisses…
patriotic body…

As inviting as bed,
as tempting! as sweet! as enticing!
as laundered apparel


That cascading blonde
not the mane of a circus lion
not to kiss the ass of the bastard ring master
not to hear the drunken hurrah…

She roars at the hoops and the whips and all the damn tricks.
Her feet were meant to leave prints on open plains
and her frame built for hunting with strength and power and love.
Her face spoke fiery and passion…
Blazing spirits do not need rekindling-
they never blow out.

Go growl and bite at the chains that clank and taunt you,
Go rattle them bars and free your vision so you
can finally
see everything as they really are.


Hello my lovelies!

HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU ALL :D It’s the first post of 2015! (I’m so sorry it came so late) Thank you to all those from Dverse who commented on my previous post, urging me to GET BACK TO BUSINESS ;) Honestly my repeatedly occurring habit of procrastination has got to stop, I feel like I talk about it every single post… oops hehe.

Anyways, how’s the year been for you all so far? I hope it’s been filling with potential, brimming with health and saturated with delight! New year new person am I right? And think about it, if we rounded 2015, we would be rounding up to 2020 not down to 2010. Just an observation stressing how time is passing at lightning speed! Don’t waste it guys! Don’t waste a year away! Set yourself a goal, make some resolutions and stick to it. Persist persist persist! If you’re going to accomplish something big, it’s going to be this year… I can feel it!

I can feel your blazing spirits!

14 thoughts on “Blazing spirits

  1. I admire the notes of freedom in the ending lines ~ It takes courage and strong will to leave our footprints in the open plain ~ Good to read you again ~

  2. Damn, you are woman, hear you roar; your poem is an excellent piece of work; glad to come here for the first time. The dVerse gang is really gregarious & reciprocal when it comes to sharing, & the fellowship is off the chart. Looking forward to you tackling a dVerse prompt too. I like your line /tasted of salty blond breath/.

  3. Oh I love the twists in this. At first, I pictured the whole scene happening on the beach and then…so glad to see you at dVerse. Once you’ve jump-started the process, it will be easier to get back in the flow and I hope to see more of you soon!

  4. Wow! That is a powerful poem. The imagery of being chained and forced to do another’s bidding and to revolt against it, to set yourself free to see the things as they are… is wonderful.

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