Lets wrap it up

Lets Wrap It Up
by JodetteP

You know it when the wind blows chilly,
when there is less naked
and more clothes!
on the girls and boys around you.

It’s good,
Another year drawingg
to a
Smell it in the aging leaves
the sighs of relief
a newfound equilibrium in the speedy circuit of life, headlights and highways.

Sniff steaming latte as they fill the bellies
of exam-stressed children
(I would take gingerbread or pumpkin spice over)
cramming my brain with useless knowledge.

merry jingles in warm coffee shops
cozy against me by the fake fireplace
(it’s really not that cold but we like to get into the mood)
of hot dancing angels caroling for men outside WanChai.

In someplace Northwest,
old men and women relief their heartache
to welcome their youth
back to hut houses
in the hilly countryside.

Return to glutinous balls,
sweet soup and rice wine.
And dumplings,
made for the poor in the Han Dynastry who used to get chilblains on their ears.

And hopefully in this time of balance, harmony and reunion,
I can get some good poetry down.


Here in Hong Kong we cozy up by the fake fireplace, blame global warming… smiles :) I’ve got to say that December must be my favorite month, and honestly i’ve been prepared for Christmas Day 2014 since the 26/12/13… so you know i’m really into the festive stuff ;) I’m equally excited for Christmas Break, which is rolling in in a couple o’ weeks. We’re planning to take a trip but haven’t bought the tickets. Honestly I keep telling them if we don’t book now it’ll be all booked out.

This poem was written for Dverse Open Link Night, where the prompt is on the holiday season and the doors are still open! It’s also written for Poets United Poetry Pantry, so happy writing! Please like and comment down below so I can check yours out <3

And while you’re all having a blast of a holiday season, don’t forget to show some love to your friends and family!


27 thoughts on “Lets wrap it up

  1. I really liked the way you expressed the seasonal sights and sounds in this poem. The aging leaves, the seasoned latte, the dancing angels — all work together to give body to your poem!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment :) It is in our nature to sense the changes, I suppose that explains why there’s no international broadcasting system announcing each seasons arrival haha :D

    1. Thank you lovely <3 yes HK is very much "East meets West" haha, every place is unique in its own way… I suppose that's why its so interesting to read poetry done by people from all over the world

    1. Oh that’s quite true… Christmas in HK is certainly not your typical white christmas! However, I would say the HK is rather known for its lights and with the malls all for the christmas sales and decors… the people here are quite content :) Though like I said, the flights are usually extremely full this time of year so I suppose some must be trying to get away :D

  2. it is a nice time of homecoming this time of year…ha…we do have to get through exams though….i will take an eggnog latte…they only are out this time of year, sadly…but another highlight for me…my fav though is getting to see everyone though

    1. Oh… there are so many highlights this time of year it’s so hard to pick a favourite! The overall festive mood gets me pumped up for everything coming my way :D Hope to try some eggnog latte some day… hmm…

  3. Love ‘a newfound equilibrium in the speedy circuit of life’… it’s really changing with seasons…nice feel poem and I can see your excitement of coming holidays! Cheers! ~ Thanks for stopping by! x

    1. Thank you very much :) I am literally shivering with excitement for the holidays! (Literally… HK dropped to a 14 degrees recently which is pretty cold around here.) By the way, I absolutely adored your poem! <3

  4. It really cheered me to read, to see that in places exotic to us residing elsewhere, Christmas holidays can still weave sentimental magic, & your poetics were a perfect mix of Eastern locale & Western mind-set; liked the line /of hot dancing angels caroling for old men outside

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it… smiles :) Christmas is so universal, and yet everywhere you go it feels like a different kind of Christmas… I think that in itself is magic… :)

    1. Thank you lovely! I am glad I have given you a little glimpse of HK, but I feel I might not have done it justice… haha :D Do come for a visit if you have the time, it’ll be worth it I can vouch for that! Also… I absolutely love your blog… followed! <3

  5. I enjoyed your poetry, Jodette; and it definitely is nice to look back now on the Christmas season. I hope that you were able to enjoy the time of “balance, harmony and reunion” that you mentioned & look forward to seeing you again at dVerse and Poets United.

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