sumtumn | autmmer

According to calendars, it should be fall time; and according to Chinese calendars, we ought be be way into autumn by now. But i must say the seasons seem to be playing some sort of game with us. You walk down the street expecting a mild nip in the wind, fall foliage rustling and all that but noo…  The air is still moist and the wind short of chill, trees are still dressed in green leaves, and the sun sings a summer vibe; Yet, my “biological clock” tells me boots and steaming tea! And it’s not just me, people on the streets either carry a load of impedimenta on them, or enjoy glances for underdressing.

~Kowloon skyline~ we were drivin along the highway :)
~Kowloon skyline~ drivin along the highway

Sumtumn or autmmer? Comment which collapsed name would you prefer for this period between seasons :)

In other news, I am suffering from uncontainable excitement for a school camp that’s coming up! Unfortunately, that would mean i’ll be inactive for the next few days… However, the purchase of my sister’s new DSLR has sparked my planning for something new… a little blog makeover as well as a special post. So stay tuned and hopefully i’ll get to share it with you guys later this week!


13 thoughts on “sumtumn | autmmer

  1. I attempted to take a nature walk yesterday and was attacked by more mosquitoes than I’ve ever seen in one place….felt strange for fall…so perhaps the bugs are confused about the seasons too.

  2. This weekend was beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. It almost feels like summer’s last gasp. I have no weather preference as long as there’s bourbon and/or beer nearby. :)

    1. That sounds lovely… you’re a lucky one! Seasons have this way of sneaking past us. i’m glad to hear you like them all cause they slip away just as fast as they arrive…:) enjoy your beer

  3. Ah..the fickle nature of latitudes that seem not to know the way north or south..and mine in North Florida is certainly that way..with 18 degrees one day in December and an air conditioner on Christmas day..not out of the question..for even Winterer days..:)

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