i couldn’t stop dreaming (one shot)

Two nights ago Moonshine rudely pierced through the glass window and watched my slumber. Being emanated from Lady Luna herself i had expected some form of notice before the party crash. But no, the minute i accidentally leave the curtains undrawn the light comes creeping in disrespectfully.

But as i slept under the light it did something to me… Somehow the gears in my head sprung to life, rotating rustily at first but then rapidly! And i heard it… voices that could have been easily mistaken as my own thoughts speaking to me. They were merely wisps at first but soon to form giant world pools of haunting hallucinations and unintelligible tales circling and spiraling and circling and spiraling…

When I was a child and nothing was too eccentric to be true, my mother would leave me at a daycare center before scooting off to work at who-knows-where. The large ma’am behind the counter would give me a sad smile and say, “make some friends today ‘kay?” Yeah I was the quiet one- i claimed all corners of the room as my own, and all blue stuffed-toys belonged to me too. 

Our teacher was a small, petite woman. She wore a bandana and a vintage patterned maxi dress that seemed to almost swallow her. And one day i think it really did because I woke up in the middle of nap time and she was gone. I traced my hands along the room’s hexagonal walls and found myself a door with a plate that said something because clearly i could not read at that point. I pulled open that door, and to be very honest I have no idea what I had been hoping to find. A cupboard of twinkies? My father smiling down at me in an unbloodied soldiers uniform? Or maybe just another blue stuffed-animal. But it was a dark closet. And i jumped out of my skin when the lights turned on to reveal a chair and a shriveled lump.

“Ooh a new one!” it spoke, and my toy fell to the floor as I cupped my hands over my mouth to muffle my scream. The wrinkled mass moved and I could make out an old lady. Her skin was a pale sickly gray and her eyes like orbs stained yellow. Ridiculously prominent cheekbones created craters in her rawboned face. Yet the rest of her body was ample and rested snugly in the seat.

“Come child, I will not hurt you.” Her voice, shaky but lilting in the most paradox way possible, called to me, and she motioned with pudgy fingers. Curiosity kicked in and I took a small step into the room as the door slammed shut.

I stood in my sunflower dress, sweating in places I thought I could not sweat. The lady gave me an old granny smile, a toothless, gum-less, grin. 

“Care for a story, young one?” She clapped her hands together and puckered her lips. I realized my jaw had been hanging lose and retracted it immediately, I nodded. No child ever denied a story. 

“Yippee!” She shrieked and bounced a little off of the chair, “the first story begins with a rabbit…”

I thought she was delirious, but that was the first time I met Old Lady Luna.  


Hello everyone :) This one-shot is in celebration of the mid autumn festival yesterday. Hope you all devoured some sweet moon cakes and enjoyed the moon in its fullest! 

♥ Sarah 


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