Liquid asset

When the bell runggg!
for the final time this year
my heart sung with gusto!
eager for the hours that awaited me.

Eager for the
sun’s sticky sweat, 
sea’s salty solution. 
Eager for the summer to unearth 
the beauty and freedom in life 
that i forgot 


But somehow in the midst of people and places 
and emotions
and bucket-lists
I seem to have lost all those seconds.  

Time has become a liquid asset 
my summer is made up of… a mass of plastic, fabric and stitching!
I can feel the guilt-y film of factory dust on my fingertips 
fits of guilt, blowouts!  

I crave for more moments!
Not memories, moments! 

But every moment is a moment
and this is all song and dance. 
We shan’t wait for next time 
there is no next time. 
There is only now 
and now is all we need. 


Dverse has got our brain juices flowing with a new prompt- time.
Time… this measure we’ve created was meant to aid our species, not to capture it and definitely not to pressure it. Yet somehow we seemed to have trapped ourselves within the bars of seconds, minutes and hours. How did seemingly empty digits take over our lives?

I guess the only way to be truly free from the chase is to (here come the cliches) live in the present. Live each second as it is. If we keep waiting for the right time or the right moment, then it’ll never come. Each second holds a treasure, and each second is unique because there will not be another like it. Test yourself: find beautiful things in your life that you might have not noticed before (e.g. the way the sun shines through your window in the morning). 



13 thoughts on “Liquid asset

  1. Excellent poem. Time is both shadow companion & lead dog for sure. I am retired, but my child bride is still teaching, & she makes so many plans for her 10 weeks of summer, that when it finally arrives, she sleeps in the first day, & then kicks the hours into hyper-drive; the sun rises & sets like a time lapse scene; up & down a merry-go-round mare–and Wham, it’s over, & she puts back on the apron & yoke & starts the chant of grumbling yet again. For me, of course, every day is Saturday, so I just have to have patience with her. Like your lines
    /I can feel the gritty film of factory dust on my fingertips/fits of guilt, blowouts!/.

    1. Thank you :) Ah yes don’t we all have that tendency to procrastinate.. I don’t know how many summers i’ll have to live through before I learn self control haha! So much for bucket lists am I right?

  2. The gap between what we anticipate when we are busy and what we actually do when we have that free time we were craving for can be quite frustrating. Living in the moment and enjoying what we have when we have it is probably the best solution. Not sure it is the easiest though.

    1. I think you’re absolutely right.. Only when we’re deprived of something do we actually crave it, it might not necessarily be the thing itself but the fact that we want the option to be left open to us. Then when we’re finally given the freedom, we find ourselves absorbed into other things instead… all harmless human nature :)

  3. like water, time slips right through our fingers. it can be hard to remember to live in the moment…but on those rare occasions when we do, it’s precious.

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