Step by step

Step by Step 

by JodetteP


One step
I take one step
Into a fresh


Two steps
It takes two steps
For me to realize
What I’ve
What I’ve


Three steps
And I will see
That there is more
In my hands
Than what I
What I


Last step
Love will mean more
Than anything else
There is
There was no
Why had we


Hi guys :)

Sorry i haven’t been blogging in a while :( The usuals are in the way of me and my writing- school and social life (oh wait i have no social life haha) just kidding.. But now in all seriousness, i moved house recently and that was kind of the inspiration and the spark that led me to the idea of this poem. Packing my life into boxes, watching men emptying out my home and then finally leaving the place i’ve known since i’d come to this country… I’m by nature an emotionally attached person so the thought of saying goodbye can really haunt me. And you’re sad at first, frightened possibly, and you don’t know what to expect. But when the new start to sink in, you settle and you find acceptance in what you have. Peace comes. This idea of change, moving forwards bit by bit, while learning, experiencing and evolving. I hope that showed through somewhat in my poem? :)

I all hope my writings depict to you all, my readers, the pictures that i intended on painting. But then again my level of skill is humiliating and I don’t know much about the techniques as i’m still a young writer :) My experience is so close to zero compared to everyone out there it makes me feel a little inferior sometimes. Yet i know that i’m just starting out and i guess everyone has to start out somewhere, and hopefully i will gain and get better through time and practice! I really appreciate and thank all of you who follow my blog or even if u somehow landed into this page by accident :) Your comments, your views and your likes really mean a lot to me and they are a drive and motivation to mwah so I just want to say thank you! <3

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3 thoughts on “Step by step

  1. hey not humiliating at all…i like the step by step of this…i think that in a passionate relationship there will always be fights…it is good when we can put them behind us…we have to keep walking it for sure…

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