by JodetteP


Do you hear the
soft chirping?


Hear strings of
overlapped compositions,
a soothing yet
invigorating melody?


Do you see that
burst of light?


See these linear streaks across the sky,
those brilliant stripes,
loud, all attention,
away from the silently shadowed.


There is a creak further


A stream of happiness,
a current of promise,
flowing closer…
if not we’ll have to chase!


Hi everyone :)

This is a very special poem I wrote for my family a while back. And I feel that now, it has an even bigger meaning and significance in our lives. Things have been slightly chaotic for my family lately… I’m only 13, in case any of you didn’t know ;) and my sister is 11 turning 12 in a month. She has scoliosis, which is the curvature of the spine, and though it is common amongst many girls, the degree of the curve in her lower back is not what you would call mild. She is under treatment now and in the process of recovery with a chiropractic method. There’s these weird machines and weights for balance, bone correction and muscle training and they look so painful cause she’s just so little for her age, she’s barely 35kg… She’s been crying lately whenever she does the half-day treatments and it really pains my entire family to see her have to bear through this. We’re all clinging onto the hope, no, we’re certain that she is going to recover and that we have to look forward to that! I feel this is what this poem is about… being positive, praying and remaining hopeful! And that is advice I would give to everyone out there who is feeling down or having difficulties in their lives :) Stay strong!

The poem is for this week’s OpenLinkNight at the dVerse poets pub. Go visit for a taste of poetry! :D




14 thoughts on “Hark!

  1. a stream of happiness
    a current of promise…smiles…that is a lovely thought for your family…keep clinging to that hope…reading your story put a tear in my eye…i will join you in hoping for the best…smiles.

  2. I love your poem – accomplished and full of emotion. I also send my prayers that your sister will come through the painful treatment with flying colours, and that you will continue to support her as you are doing to a successful outcome.

  3. i love the positive attitude in this…the looking out for signs of hope, even the chasing of those rays of light.. all the best for your sisters…

  4. I could see fireworks reading your poem. You created some very strong imagery in a fun poem. I hope the treatments get easier for you sister.

  5. so loved the up-lifting of this… I’ll pray for your sis… poetry will help you through the difficult time… plus a little help from Him above… you, like most of us starting writing at your age… make sure to keep those early writings so you can remember where you came from

    1. poetry is great to spill emotions… it’s very effective since it can change mood like music can :) These things are certainly writings to hold on to. Thank you so much for your good wishes <3

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