Nature’s Nutrients

Nature’s nutrients
By Jodette P 

Bearing the endless merciless night-

the moon’s weight on my back,

soiled grass tickling my toes with their little fingers,

slung across my shoulder is a sack.


And at that sack,

I have a shovel and a spear,

I have a knife and a splint,

And a pack of cheese- oh so dear!


But with the stars as my witness

I raise



                           Three! Fingers to myself,

That I will try to hunt for dinner,

I won’t eat the cheese from the kitchen shelf.


Shield me from the wind,

Indoors it’s not the same,

I shall get down on all fours,

want to earn me some good game.


A rustle amongst the grass,

The beauty beast is in my sight.

Elbows RAISED,

The spear in my palm I swing it to my right.


A cry, agonizing call,

Of the mighty beast.

But I look again.

Lying on the ground is not the beast- just it’s child.


And the beast stands,

But paw on it’s baby’s face,

Licking the tears dry.

I can bear this no more, rest my case, rest my case.


This is no solid food,

I have a warm heart at the least-

I will not start a fire.

I will not have a feast.


I will be stronger than that,

So strong my spear couldn’t catch.

With the cheese and some tapioca,

 I’ll make a pizza- It’s the wilderness’ perfect match!


Inspired by my friend to write a poem with real rhyme in it… but i’m no Dr. Suess, I don’t think rhyme likes me very much :P 

2 things I was thinking about as I wrote the poem- lions and good-old-pizza… yum. 

Tell me what you think! 


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