Ballerina feet

Ballerina feet
by JodetteP

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 3.07.47 PM


Tight, thin,

pink satin cloth.

Soft band,

firm soles,

and hard blocks.


Tips and toes,

pointed tips and toes,

dancing on pointed tips and toes.

Light, quick and quiet.

Shuffling and springing.


A springing arch,

a dancing arch.


Soft feet.

Hard feet.


Ballerina feet


This poem was written for and inspired by Poetics: An Evening of Short Verse at dVerse :)


16 thoughts on “Ballerina feet

  1. Hmmmm. I really liked this. Its repetition gives it an almost childlike quality. Sounds echo throughout the piece, making it a joy to read out loud; your handle on rhythm is excellent, and conjures the image of a ballerina spinning ever faster on her feet, leaping up and down, and finally coming to rest. Your voice is confident and whimsical. Thanks for the great read!

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you liked it <3
      The pointe shoes in the pictures are my own. So I suppose if you do the dance, you feel the dance, and you can write the dance as well :)

  2. …ha…nice progression of thoughts here… i have a friend — a ballerina… and i wonder why she chose to pursue such a job… i never understood… in my eyes it’s kinda look like a torture seeing ’em mastering every steps & points during rehearsals… few weeks ago i attended a ballet performance in the spirit of the dying swan… my friend played the swan…. and just by simply watching her from my seat i had sighed and murmured : now i know…& understand… there’s always this absolutely passion beyond absolute that perhaps difficult to understand at first… and only time can make realize what you didn’t realize & see before… nicely… smiles…

    1. Thank you for sharing :)
      It looks painful… doesn’t it- watching the process towards perfection? The thing about ballerinas, like your friend, is that they’re oblivious to the amount of sacrifice they put in. Love, and like what you said- passion- for the dance is what moves their body so beautifully <3
      It's hard to comprehend if you don't do ballet… but the concept of doing well in what you love, is the same for everything in life :)

  3. nice…it all looks so easy and graceful but it’s such hard work.. really cool to have the focus on the feet then zoom out, make us see her for a moment then zoom back in

  4. been married to a ballerina now for nearly 20 years….ballerina feet are brutal…ha….have had to drill toe nails to relieve pressure and the pads like sandpaper…but when they dance, they are beautiful…smiles….

  5. Ballerinas are pretty amazing! Those shoes are pretty hard on their feet. As a child my babysitter and her husband were instructors at the Boston Ballet so ballet has always had such a special place in my heart. Watching their rehearsals was inspiring as was your poem :)

    1. Ballerinas sure are awesome aren’t they? And wow- ballet instructors at the prestigious Boston Ballet… that’s amazing! Thank you for sharing and I’m glad you liked the poem :)

  6. The repetition here is wonderful – it gave me the image of the repetetive movements ballet dancers have to perform, both in practice and performance.

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