Small stone- The cloud

The Cloud Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 9.28.25 PM

Outside, the classroom window where we pressed our faces against,
white, thick yet wispy, smoke, rose, shivered, freed itself, above a distant building;
and the debates on fire or fog were pointless… A cloud had fallen from the sky.


Voilà! (that’s French right?)
Today’s dose of small stone!
What to you think of this small stone, compared to the last I’d posted up here?

I’ve been trying to challenge myself- one small stone a day. Simple enough, i’d thought. And I turned out half right half wrong. But back to that later :)

Frankly speaking, I’m not one to be willing to bear the weight of challenges, especially from other people. No cliché  “challenge accepted” coming from my mouth :D Because, once I’d accepted something, it’s like some voice in my head keeps reminding me that I have that as a responsibility. An extra responsibility added over the ones I already have! It isn’t that I can’t accept the failure of failing the challenge… more of the fact that I would want to push myself a little, since I made the possibly unwise decision already? *shrugs* Beats me. I have a indecipherable mind sometimes. And other times, I’m just so predictable, the people around me can see right through my thin skin. (But seriously though, I have thin skin. You can see my cheek veins strangely clearly.)

But when it’s something I’m making myself do- challenging myself- an exception can be made… Cause normally I would challenge myself to something I feel would be fun, something I would enjoy and at the same time, have the “whew I did it!” feeling when I’d completed whatever I was suppose to complete. Also, I wouldn’t ask of something reckless. Like to go on a roller coaster or something.

Sorry to all those theme park fans out there. I’m that girl with the camera, laughing and trying to get the right moments on her friend’s faces when they ride the rides. To be honest, being that one girl can be pretty fun! You’re sensitive, so you get the thrill of the rides just by watching. You get to snack on nachos the whole time. And when your friends are in the queues, you have the choice to ditch them and wander around, or hang out with them and gossip about cutest school couples. Just kidding- we’re too young to have relationships :D

But anyways, challenges are a form of motivation and possibly one of the few ways to put a drive into a someone stubborn- like me :P And you know what they say-  “Finish what you started” or “The one who started the fire should be the one to stop it.” Ehhh, Hunger Games fans? :) I think I might have gotten that quote wrong, it’s been a while since I’d read that book.

Now, about the “one small stone a day” challenge I subjected myself to…

At a glance it seems like a easy and realistic challenge, and honestly, it really is!

All you have to do is to connect with the world we live in, better appreciating the simplicity and little miracles of life. Translating these small wonders into words, paying more attention than we usually would.  A few minutes of mindful attention (even once a day) helps us to engage with the world in all its beauty.
Sourced from WritingOurWayHome‘s Mindful Writing Tool: small stones.

But do you know what happens, when that mindful attention becomes a wordy description? Small stones like, “The Cloud” happens. Small stones aren’t small stones if they’re not short pieces of writings. And most of my writings lately are rather wordy. Though that could be seen as a good thing, doesn’t it boldly go against the whole purpose of a small stone? A number of people have actually mentioned to me before that I go round and round the bush too much. Off topic- I sometimes catch myself in that act.

It’s the feeling that writing just this little bit would be leaving out that bit. But even if I put that bit in, I still have that other bit left out. I would ask you all if you know any writing exercises to help me improve on this flaw of mine, but I realize that writing small stones is the cure :P And what I have to do now, is to challenge myself once again- to start writing small stones and not full-length paragraphs :)

I’m determined!

Bye! I’m off to assemble a dish rack with my mum (y)


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