Dear silence not be

Of meaning no empathy,

Instead plead naïve.


Hi there! Here’s a little haiku I wrote a few days back :)
And these couple of days I had to overcome the agony… forcing myself to wait till the wonderful dVersePoets‘ weekly OpenLinkNight before posting it :)

I just love haikus so much <3 They’re the opposite of wordy but that’s the whole point of it, that’s what makes it so unique and different from other poetic forms. In fact, this poetic form of Japanese origin is meant to be written with 17 syllables! 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the next and 5 again for the last. I think I got that rule right… did i? You may double check :P

This special quality haikus harbor creates a certain charm, class and mystery within the minimal words. The play of words are taunting you, slightly, like as though there’s always something more. And it makes you think out of the box, inching past your creative barrier into a world of endless possibilities. Even if there isn’t a hidden meaning, it appears like it has one :P

Obviously these descriptions and feelings can only be evident with the workings of deep-thought poetry, professional, emotional poetry, the kind of poetry you can’t count on a ‘wannabe’ like me to create :P
Sorry if you didn’t get the poem… I got that feedback from a friend of mine, and she’s got a pretty hight level of comprehension mind you.
I shared the haiku with her and got the question marks hauled at my face –> Question_markQuestion_markQuestion_mark<– cute little question marks :)
And I very much appreciate her being honest with me about the confusion and stuff :) Cause that’s what best friends are for <3
Love you anonymous BFF! You know who you are :D

Anyways, I fully understand that she didn’t get the poem, and I explained to her the scenario that triggered me to pen it down. She got it afterwards… I think. Did you? :P
Therefore I feel it is only fair that I tell you too. BUT. BUT, it’s kinda personal. So I will say it in the least explicit, least detailed way possible ;)

Do you ever have the feeling of hopelessness? That’s what was ripping me in the inside as I wrote that poem, or at least as I got that idea (I wrote the poem an hour later in a cafe :P). I felt for someone I love, I felt care and concern. That person was speaking, “ranting”-kinda- in a formal way, because he/she was upset. And I knew, the rest of us knew, that we were to blame. Guilty of not being what we should have been to that upset person. And the worse part was… we didn’t know how to help. And that was our fault and ours only for being ignorant fools. So we remained silent as the upset person spoke. Listening, feeling, trying to put ourselves into his/her shoes. Mostly afraid that if we opened our mouths, once again nothing helpful would come out.

What I was trying to get across in the poem was the fact that our silence didn’t mean we had no empathy. But instead that we wishing that we were all naive, including the person who was upset. Then, it seemed that being innocent, unaffected people was the better that whatever we were then.

Sorry if I lowered the mood :/ LET’S GET OUR ENTHUSIASM BACK!
And btw, things are better now with the upset person and the rest of us :)
Hopelessness can be replaced fast with hope and determination, you just need a the right state of mind :D


6 thoughts on “Shhhhh

  1. as long as you are true to the mood, dont apologize…i have been there…and felt that…esp when there was someone hurting i wanted to help bu knew i could not…it is the fun part of haiku and minimalist poetry…so much in so little…

    1. Thank you :) It’s nice and warm, knowing that I’m not alone :) I’m sure this feeling of helplessness is no stranger to most. And I absolutely agree with you- haiku and minimalist poetry are indeed fun to read and write!

  2. def. felt…sometimes we want to help and say something but just have no idea what..and then maybe it’s better to stay silent at the moment and try to talk to them a bit later..explain..

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