In Thirty Days

global_warming_is_uncoolIn thirty days
by JodetteP

In thirty days,

chaos will come,

lunacy liberated,

a frenzy of folk,

a panic of people.


In thirty days,

all predicted shall come true

catastrophe will befall

a solemn spell cast,

upon mother earth.


In thirty days,

the sun will shrink into the clouds,

bright face blackened.

Not again will sunshine bask our faces,

day fit night, night fit day.


In thirty days,

time will seemingly stop.

Hours, minutes, seconds,

What be the difference?

Timelessness is hard to bear.


In thirty days,

We lost 3 hands and a face.

We lost the fuel chase.

We lost to the melting ice.

We lost to pollution thrice.


In thirty days,

the world might be at war.

All, scavengers scavenging,

for remaining remains,

of essentials.


But thirty days, is

not enough to start a war,

not enough to destroy a planet,

not enough to turn mankind,

into puppets of their own doing.


We are thirty decades too late.


Hi! Posting this on dVerse poets for OpenLinkNight with Brian, Week 83 :)

All comments are welcomed!!! :DDD


14 thoughts on “In Thirty Days

  1. yeah..sometimes i wonder what we’ve done with this planet, entrusted to us.. it looks like we’re slow learners when it comes to living peaceful together and take care of mother earth.. much can be done in 30 days…on one end of the scale or the other…

  2. Hi Jodette,
    This is a strong message, passionately delivered; we really do need to waken up to what we’ve done/are doing to the planet that is our only home and hope that it isn’t already too late.

    Welcome to dVerse – so glad you managed to sneak in just before Mr Linky expired. It’s a great community (i’m not just saying that because I ‘work’ there).

    Lasty, thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and following. As to making poetry look easy, some days I’m inspired, some days I’m not. Generally I find writing a first draft not too difficult, once I have an idea, but polishing it can take ages. It’s unlikely that any of the work on my blog is totally finished – there’s always the possibility of improvement.

    1. Thank you! I wrote this poem with dear frustration in my mind… with the intention to make it a motivation for change.

      Haha! I’ll work on punctuality next week, hopefully i’ll link a poem up?
      And without a doubt dVerse has a great community!

      Thank you too for visiting :) I, on the other hand, find first drafts the hardest and polishing a tee bit easier. Though they are both challenges I enjoy :)

  3. Seems any are content to turn a blind eye, as the greedy just want to stay on top. We could out tomorrow a way to fix everything, but no one would ever now because there is no profit in that, sad state of affairs.

  4. I like the quick turn in the last stanza ~ I think slowly we are killing this planet and all its inhabitants ~ This is good piece for further reflection, thanks for sharing at D’verse ~

    Nice to meet you as well ~


  5. so true…we have def taken our sweet time in wrecking the planet….we could def use for a wake up…so if in 30 days we could get a good shake it might not be a bad thing…if it does nt kill us off first…smiles…

    1. Haha, thanks for commenting :)
      You’re right… we must be on worldwide jet lag, if we’re taking this long on purpose to undo what we’ve done. Thankfully there are people out there who care about our planet :) Growing organizations and even the general public!

  6. Everyday, people try to warn others about this but what they get back is nothing. Only a few are willing to change but not the rest. If you look out there in all those websites and events that warn people about this, not a lot are willing to care of change. Sometimes they are all nonsense when they only speak but not do.

    1. yeah that’s true! All talk and no action happens a lot… even though simply spreading the word and raising awareness is a form of action too!
      Thank you for your comment :)

    1. Worst case scenario: thirty decades of killing the earth and a sudden realization thirty day prior to the world’s end…
      We need this kind of scare to raise awareness :P

      Thank you for your comment!

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