Ferrero Rocher- the best medicine?

Ferrero Rocher- the best medicine?

Behold the awkward pictures above! Which I had originally prayed would come out comical/inspiring, you know? Like those dramatic, sunlit, birds chirping, children’s laughter type scenes in movies. But as Mr. Obvious would say, “NOPE! SORRY DUDE. PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT YOUR THING.”
Ah well… credits to my mum for the scarf, credits to my dad for the chocolates and the rosy hand in the pictures would belong to my sister :) She’s the most adorable/ annoying little thing <3

Smiles. Wide-mouthed, stretched-lipped, white-toothed, beautiful smiles.
A smile could be tied with satin pointe shoes for prettiest thing on earth :) Why? Because a smile, just that one facial expression, speaks aloud. A smile means many things. It means joy, for one, the visible tell of a serene soul. A smile means secrets, we are unwitting to the stories of others. All those untold tales, the ups and the downs. A smile is a blooming flower- alive, beautiful, ageless. Contagious. A smile means love. A smile means warmth. Offering a true smile is like peeling away the layers.

Happiness is whatever makes you smile.

Ferrero Rochers are not the tastiest things in the world. They’re hardly the sweetest, gold wrapping ain’t that appealing. If I had the choice between the ball of coco and a lima bean I would take the latter. But that’s not the point.

Despite it being so ordinary, just one chocolate franchise in a sea of its kind, a Ferrero Rocher can make me smile. *insert emotional music here*

The lesson learnt is not to consume more chocolate. Because all that’ll do is to initiate a sugar rush, hyper-ness and perhaps, if taken in large quantity, a hoarse throat. Haha horse throat.

But anyway, the valuable lesson is to take note of the ordinary things around you. Hear the birds, smell the flowers. Unless you’re a city dweller like me, then I suppose you’ll hear the honking and smell the exhaust hahaha. That was suppose to be funny by the way :P But anyways, again, sometimes we’re living too fast that we pass by little miracles and miss them.

So, treasure what you have, and who you have. And love <3

Speaking about being aware of surroundings I’ve been inspired to start writing little small stones daily, which I will start posting up here if possible :)
They don’t take up much time, are very meaningful, and can really help us learn to appreciate. :)



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