Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year新年快乐!

The Chinese Calendar, or in other words the Lunar Calendar, is based on the cycles of the lunar phase. In a complete solar year, roughly 354.37 days, there are about twelve lunations. Which is why this period is sometimes referred to as a lunar year.

I’ve not actually gone into detail with the topic of the moon’s phases and their representations, which I believe to be a rather complicated yet interesting subject, therefore my knowledge on the matter has its limitations :P But what I do know is that the tenth of February every year is the mark of the New Year in the Lunar Calendar! Or as the Chinese call it 初一, which means New Year’s Day.

Happy Chinese New Year!

The four characters that’d I’d started this post off with would be “New Year Happy” if you want a direct word-for-word translation from Chinese. But that is of course grammatically incorrect, since languages have very differing grammars :)

Languages, these complex systems of communication, categorize their parts of speech into classes. And they do so according to functions and positions relative to other parts. This is where each system of communication is dissimilar. Each system makes a basic separation between sets of words that prototypically denotes things and concepts, and another group of words that prototypically denotes actions and events. And that is how nouns and verbs come about. Then the groups branch further into such as Adjectives, which are words that describe properties or qualities of nouns.

These groups are called word classes, and word classes or all interrelated- Adjectives describe nouns and verbs, many words are both verbs and nouns, yet the words verb, adjective and noun are nouns… HAS YOUR BRAIN BLOWN YET?  :D

It’s been such a festive yet lazy day for me today :P Woke up at to bright sunlight at noon. Sudden Skype call with my relatives abroad. Fried carrot cake, then “Nian Gao” with batter. I wouldn’t be surprised if I go down with a sore throat  soon :P “Nian Gao” or Chinese New Year’s Cake, is a food prepared from glutinous rice. Though it can be eaten all year round, traditionally it is popular during Chinese New Year. The cake is eaten slice by slice, dipped and fried in a flour and egg batter to a soft and sticky brown. It is considered to be good luck, eating the sweet dish at this time of year, because “Nian Gao” is a homonym for “higher year” in Chinese.

Anyways, spent the past four hours watching Casino Royale with my family on television, and soon we’re going to sneak out to the cinema and enjoy Die Hard on the big screens :P Which reminds me… last night the entire family cuddled on the sofa past midnight watching Rush Hour :P That’s some movie marathon!


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