Write a book- COMPLETED

Hi there!
News news news! My friend and I have recently completed the tedious yet rewarding task of writing a book! And yes I said a book, as in a novel, not a one-shot, or a fanfic, or a novella…  a book! In all it’s wordy glory!

We’re currently at a word count of 76133, roughly 120 pages of google docs :) Though it is only the first draft and we’re just starting with editing I feel a great sense of accomplishment. Who wouldn’t, after all? From the excitement of a fresh idea to the initial stretch of productivity, followed by frequent procrastination and lengthy periods of laziness and finally to the drive and eventual completion… It’s a long process, there are times when inspiration is at it’s peak as are periods when no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to work out. In other words- brain dead, which is an informal term and an adjective to describe a person who is simply too exhausted to think :P

The initial stages of perfecting a book are always the funnest (I know that’s not a word by it’s just so fitting to my point :D). We all start with an initial idea, a spark of inspiration that triggers mind mapping. Slowly that idea branches outwards into people, places, possible scenarios.

When a rough story line is formed, that’s when the curve comes into play. Oh right! The curve! When I was in elementary school we were taught of this curve, the very first thing to learn when it comes to creative writing. It is the basic guideline to writing a captivating story, or at least one with a clear flow plot. Introduction, then the building action, followed by the climax, which is the most exciting part of the plot, then the resolution and finally the conclusion. But I mean… this is guideline if every single plot went like this imagine what a boring hobby reading would be :P Of course the nitty-gritty details come last :)

My friend and I started writing the book about one and a half years ago, I’m not sure if she would like me revealing stuffs about it whatsoever, therefor I will refrain from doing so :P Though it is “painful” to contain my excitement and prevent myself from spilling everything in this post :D

I’m just so excited! We both are! It seems so unreal, like as though it was just yesterday (haha cliché) that we’d started up a google docs and typed on the blank document the very first word!  Back then- I forgot what date exactly- I suppose actually completing the book would have been a dream! It takes real commitment, I’ve discovered, keeping to one story line. Sometimes you feel like wondering off track, writing about something new for a change. And that is precisely the reason why I write poetry and blog underneath the fact that I have a book to work on :)

Ahhh, see? I’m going off track :P Wasn’t this post basically a quick announcement? :P
I’ll end things off with a relevant quote:

Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head.

My friend was the one who shared this quote with me :) But I googled it and found that it comes from the movie Finding Forrester. Looks like I can’t pull off brain dead when editing the story :P

Happy Chinese New Year!


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