Between the lines

Between the lines
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There are many more witty “between the lines” centered quotes all over the web, and I’ve had good laughs over quite a few :P

The known quote, is also the title of bestselling author, Jodi Picoult’s, book. I’ve not read that one, but I’ve read a number of her works, my favorite being My Sister’s Keeper. A story with a plot that guarantees to move your heart :) I love the way she tells the story, not the norm, she narrates in the POV of a few characters. It’s something i find strange yet effective. Sometimes we need to see things in more than one light, and each perspective is uniquely different. Picoult creates each character the way they should be, writing styles unlike. A teenage boy, with a contemporary font and a page filled with swearing. A struggling mother with a despairing font, and words of agony and desperation. A misunderstood child, a font of innocence, and a page of tear-stained rants. It takes a great writer to create their own style. But to be able to switch between many, so they’d be fitting and perfect for each role, takes more than even admirable skill.

Reading between the lines, to me, means partly, to dig deeper into everything. Search and seek, hungry for more, not content, unsatisfied. Because truth is, nothing really is what it seems to be at first. I could pick a silly example off of the top of my head- Twitter. Tweets would be nothing if you don’t read between the lines, because that’s the way people like it. People want to think. Passiveness is not attractive in life. When you have a limited amount of words, and everyone does- even a book couldn’t last forever, you need to make sure the way you pattern your words change them. You find a way to make your words seem larger, seem more meaningful. You make your readers think, because when they think, their words add on to your words and then to heck with a word limit :P

So since I’d been thinking about this phrase I’d come up with another silly idea. A proof, somewhat, or maybe just a way to explain to kids what reading between the lines is all about.

Rainbows. Rainbows are the answer. A pretty bow that any child could relate to :P All you girls out there, what was the first decoration on the sky you crayoned in kindergarden? A rainbow. What was your first obsession? A rainbow. Or at least I think that was my first obsession :D Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet… But there is more than these when it comes to colours.

So, symbolizing more than what meets the eye is the colours in a rainbow and those that are not.

Between red and orange is vermillion.

Between orange and yellow is amber.

Between yellow and green is chartreuse.

Between green and blue is cyan.

Between blue and indigo is lavender.

Between indigo and violet is lilac.



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