The One Lovely Blog Award

ooh! And award! It’s really thrilling to me just writing this post! :)
Image  What really tickles me (tickles me? :P) is the pretty name of this pretty award. The “One Lovely Blog”, isn’t it awesome how it’s not the “One Smartest Blog”, or the “One Popular Blog”, or the “One Best Blog”? The fact that the word “Lovely” is instead used, means something deeper…

This award is not a competition, it’s not a comparison or a fight, none of these! It’s an honest feeling. Nomination from fellow blogger to fellow blogger, if you possess that feeling, you show it, you share it, you pass it on. It just can’t get any more personal!

Thank you very muchJulie Israel, for giving this young blogger the chance to participate in this One Lovely Blog Award!

Just as almost everything that comes along in life, participation involves rules. 3 simple rules, which I am most excited and willing both to abide by. Even though I am slightly puzzled with the obsessiveness of the number 7 :)

  1. Share seven things about yourself.
  2. Pass the award on to another 7 bloggers.
  3. Give thanks to the Lovely one that tagged you!

Here’s to the keeping of my some “not-so-secret” secrets!

  1. I am a massive, extreme Potterhead!
  2. I like shipping peeps together, especially those whom I know would least like me to do so. Just so badass that way :P
  3. I really suck in Maths, despite being fully aware that it is possibly the second most important subject. English being the dear first, of course ;)
  4. When I was a wee little thing, the first ambition Idreamed of was to be a ballerina. My aunt and mum were both amused and shocked by this. They explained to me in the most calm manner, an adult could possibly explain with to a hyper little 7 year old in a tutu, and a big dream. They explained the discipline and training I would have to endure, and the competitiveness. Ballet requires the best of you, and if that best is not good enough, your career is a goner. A year later, my new dream was to be a housewife :P
  5. My favorite sports are currently ballet, badminton, volleyball, netball and swimming in that order.
  6. The thing that really pisses me offis when people criticize the 2 things I love the most- ballet and writing.
  7. I chose dog over child, but in the future, I would like to have both :P

Now, *drumroll*…
I will pass on with this honest feeling to the following 7 bloggers. Nominating you for the following round of awards, in high hopes thatyou will participate and pass the honest feeling to the next 7 deserving bloggers! This is a chain that could go on forever, simply because the “Lovely Blogs” never stop rolling in!

  1. Indigoberry at Invisible Snowflake
  2. Nicholas Byrley at Idle Thoughts and Fevered Dreams
  3. Polly Robinson at Polly 
  4. Amanda at hill + pen
  5. Yu Jing at LoVeArTPoEmStOrIeS
  6. Saffyre at The First Draft Of Anything 
  7. Sara at Musings Of A FlutterbyBear 

9 thoughts on “The One Lovely Blog Award

    1. The pleasure is mine! :D
      Your blog is truly amazing, oh, all the musings! I love your stories and especially the photo challenges. They alone prove that pictures indeed speak a thousand words :)

  1. Jodette, I’m so glad you decided to do this! Your responses are lovely, if you’ll pardon the borderline overuse of the word, and the way you wrote number four– ending with “A year later, my dream was to be a housewife,” made me laugh aloud. And then I admired that ballet was still listed as one of your favorite sports– number one, in fact?

    Also, I had never heard the term “Potterhead” before. How delightful :D

    1. Haha! Truth has its way of humour at times!
      Ballet is, indeed, a beautiful sport and an art form both!
      And the term “Potterhead”, by the way, would simply describe someone with a Harry Potter obsession :)

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