Divergent Fanfic

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I am, once again, Divergent crazed. And this time, it is really a fanfic that I’ve created, no second version! This is… sorta like an alternate ending for Divergent. But then again, not really, cause I’m currently working on a part 2 that will follow up :)

Once again, it is in Tris’s POV. No Fourtis fangirling sadly, I’m focussing on a more serious topic this time.

It’s a rather solemn few paras, but I meant for it to start out saddening. I’m building up towards a rebellion, against the Erudite. Which I will write about soon.

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Divergent Fanfic: Is this justified? 

Jodette’s version,

inspired by Veronica Roth’s Divergent

POV: Tris Prior

The ropes scratch at my wrists. My head is throbbing and the wound on my shoulder stings. Every muscle and bone in my body is sore. I am pretty sure I have lost all the adrenaline that once ran through me, I am not sure if the blood that used to course through my veins still remains.

I am not sure if anything has remained.

The city is at war. Weren’t the factions created for the purpose of peace? Then apparently, just selflessness, fearlessness, intelligence, honesty and kindness are not enough to avoid conflict and greed in this society.

I imagine us, the city within the fence, as a glass. We were once strong and whole. But transparency was our weakness, and once we were seen through, we could be shattered.

We were shattered.

Jeanine shattered us, broke us into fragments. Thinking she’d be able to piece us back together again, just in a different pattern, the pattern to her satisfaction. But does she know- if you force the pieces into the way they aren’t meant to be, there will be holes hidden within the structure, un-mendable and irreplaceable.

The Abnegation are down, blood spilt, nearly all our leaders are dead. Jeanine takes hostage the others, every one of them. For screening tests against the species she is against- Divergence.

The tidy streets of the Abnegation sector are infested with brain-dead marching Dauntless and the Erudite. Jeanine herself has taken over their headquarters and claims it for her own, the building my father used to work in, emptied of its leaders. Now it’s her prison space where she holds hostage people and performs her ‘science’.

The Dauntless are brainless, soldiers. I should have known, that there was more to the system than just a hard drive. Zips and codes. Passwords. Thumbprints. Irises. You can’t count on the Amity to keep security but for the Erudite you can.

Before the waking Dauntless could realize what they had done, the program was restarted and the Jeanine continued her reign. Tobias said they must be controlling it from a secondary source, because apparently, the Abnegation headquarters do not provide for such technology.

And yet I cannot even keep that thin disc safe. We were searched through when we were caught, and it was confiscated from me.

Just seconds after jumping off the train, we were surrounded by Jeanine’s lackeys. Tobias and I had wanted to make a run for it. And we would have, but Caleb and Marcus were with us, and Peter definitely wasn’t in shape for anything physical.

We were captured.

Caleb was marked factionless, Peter, Tobias and I were taken immediately to Jeanine, Marcus was held as prisoner. I know the low, bloodcurdling screams that keep me awake at night belong to Marcus. And the ragged state I see him in, when I pass him in the hallways, confirm my inference that one of our last leaders is being tortured.

It will not be long when the Amity and Candor will have to emerge from their safe shadows and take sides. Caught between two factions, between two ties. The handful of Abnegation in the Amity safe house will not last long, and it pains me to say this because they were my friends and family and neighbors.

Who is to say what will happen then?

I glance over my right shoulder and ignore the shooting pain that surges through my arm. Tobias is tied just a few feet away from me on a metal chair similar to mine. His face is pale and expressionless. I see an ugly bruise peeking out the top of his shirt at his neck. What have they done to us?

The physical tortures of the simulations are nearly as bad as the mental tortures it brings. Some of us used to be immune to the serums, but that was history. The Erudite are not the type to let one get away with things. We are Jeanine’s guinea pigs. Held hostage for the experimentation of a mad scientist. I had promised myself before, never to let anyone control Tris Prior, I broke that promise, and trying to forgive myself is painful. Now, I am exhausted. But I am not over.

Even though my heart is heavy- heavy and aching deaths and guilt- and pounding against my ribcage, clawing to be free of the lies it has been fed. I must ignore the weight in my chest and force myself to reborn. The lies continue, and I am bounded, but I will not beg for it to stop. I will do nothing that will satisfy her- Jeanine. And what will satisfy her now, is for my kind to admit defeat and crawl at her feet. Jeanine has a problem, we are the problem, and she would do anything to solve it. To her, this is all mathematics, typically Erudite.

I am glad Caleb no longer belongs in their faction anymore. And even though he rests with the factionless, he does not belong to them. Caleb is Abnegation- my father said so. At the thought of my father tears well up in my eyes and a cry rises in my throat. If I open my mouth now, I am certain I will pour myself out empty.

He had died for me, sacrificed himself, as did my mother. The crimson blood had spilled for me, stained their gray Abnegation robes… for me. I should be feeling grateful, then why do I feel so guilty?

This war has gone on long enough. The murders and tears and sacrifice have been made, there must come a time when they all stop. The time will come soon; I can feel its presence drifting towards me. It’s within reach, within grasps. But I can’t just sit here caged up, a prisoner, and wait for everything to stop. I can’t let them the Erudite continue, it’s bad enough that they’ve even started. I have fight, so the deaths would all be good deaths.


One thought on “Divergent Fanfic

  1. OH MY GOD!!!
    Another young writer, blogger and initiate who ships Fourtris like mad? This is amazing! I wrote something on my blog about what would happen if the factions met just yesterday, actually. I’m a Candor without question.

    Which faction are you? Have you read Allegiant? Do you ship Willstina? (even though…) Did you like the trailer?

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