The Storm

Hi there!

So, i thought I’d post up a poem i wrote. It’s an old one, I wrote it about a year back for a competition, but for some reason I didn’t enter it in the end :P

Did I tell you I was once obsessed with poetry? Not obsessed, just really intrigued by it. I still am, kinda. But I’m so busy all the time with random stuff, I haven’t written one in a very long time. I’m always telling myself to start picking up the habit of writing poetry again, but being the slight procrastinator I am, it hasn’t happened yet. Yet.

Anyway, thought i’d post this poem up here cause it’s one of my favorites :) I think it’s beautiful :) What do you think? Please comment on it!

Btw, I know I make such original titles :P


The Storm by JodetteP

Occasionally, just once in a while,

A storm will brew.

With its red and purple and gray and black

And with its clouds that aren’t just a few.

But as the skies turns blue once again

I see a beautiful rainbow form.

My mind it clears, my troubles it drains.

And then suddenly, I turn calm.

As lightning strikes and thunder roars.

I’m reminded of the experiences I’ve had.

They fight hard, like in a war.

And the ending is always as sad.

But as the sun comes out from hiding,

so does my smile.

And these worries, disappear.

After a while.


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