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Veronica Roth is mental, she’s a freaking genius! She’s just created a classic- Divergent. Right there. Anyone agrees? The dystopian world she’s created in the Divergent trilogy is crazy, not to mention the extremely appealing cover art design I fell in love with. Anyone wants to see my desktop wallpaper? :D

The book was initially introduced to me by a friend. She told me how great it was, but at the time, I was still captured in the haunting thrill of the Hunger Games. But when I started the book, it was impossible to put down, literally. Nearing the end, I actually resisted the urge to continue reading for fear of it ending :P

Lovable characters, all different personalities. I tend to get myself completely lost in the novel. And this one didn’t just lose me, it drowned me, engulfed me in its awesomeness. I am so intrigued with the plot and character building, scene by scene, i imagine. Until i’ve built the world off my own imagination and the amazing play of her words. I suppose, if you really think about it, the society she creates could really be label idyllic. Organized, controlled, equal- the typical communist, besides the fact the the government were selfless people. If you don’t take corruption and humanity into consideration (which exist in our world now), we might as well belong in that society rather than ours.

Since the book is written in first person, we read and see through the eyes of Beatrice Prior, who later on takes on the name of Tris. SPOILER ALERT! I love that though- how the book revolves around her life and her choices. If you enjoyed dystopian fiction with strong female characters then this is the book for you. The main theme for book is about choices, choices between factions, family, friends… life decisions that transform and destroy. Tris transfers to Dauntless, being the only stiff transfer, she is bullied. And her height and size is not in her favor. But the thing I absolutely love about her is a inner strength. Divergent centers around fears, and conquering them. Fears of being powerless, without control, public embarrassment, intimacy… fears of height, murder, claustrophobia…

If you are a sucker for adventure/romantic novels, like am i, then you will enjoy this book wholeheartedly. Though it’s more surrounding war and adventure, but romance is also a significant theme between Tris and Four. His name is really Tobias but I hate admitting it :P I LOVE FOUR. I CRUSH ON HIM. Just kidding :P I let Tris have him :P

Divergent has the best names you could get… Fourtris is the best ship EVER. No offense intended to Suzanne Collins, I love the Hunger Games, but her name choice? A little off in my opinion :P I think most of us are pretty familiar with the inappropriate ship name of Katniss and Peeta ;P

What makes dystopian worlds so attractive for readers now a days? I think Veronica was interviewed with this question once. But here’s my opinion to it: I think, with all the difficulties people face now a days- whether it be, global issues like recessions and wars and global warming, or smaller difficulties like family problems and bullying- we want to have a break from it all. Dystopian fiction dissolves us into another world, a futuristic world. It brings us out of our bubble, away from the little problems and into the big perspective of things. It triggers us to evaluate our lives and our society. It can be quite a eye-opener, seeing from a different point of view, we learn to filter out the important, and the unnecessary in life. In the case of Divergent, it might even be a route to finding yourself.

Besides, i think it’s fun to take a look at our futuristic world :P Envisioning on step by step basis how we might get from now, to there. The choices we might make, the steps we take, the happenings along the way, that lead us into the “fate or our future”.  And the way Veronica Roth creates it- there’s not a doubt that millions of years from now, we might end up in that state.

On a brighter note :P Since I fell in love with the book, and the couple in it, I decided to write a little fanfic! Well to be honest in ain’t really a fanfic :P It’s more of… a second version? I rewrote chapter 26 of Divergent- my favorite chapter actually- in the way I would imagine happened :) I used some of the dialogue and basically the main things that happened in the book, but I changed some parts, added others, made it different :) Compared to the AMAZING VERONICA ROTH it’s probably nothing much, but hey, I wrote it for fun :P

I hope you like it! Please comment on it!

Chapter 26 of Divergent

Jodette’s version,

inspired by Veronica Roth’s Divergent

POV: Tris Prior

“Follow me. There is something I want to show you.” Tobias grabs my hand smoothly and pulls me along with him.

The dark engulfs us. I am feeling sightless. I wouldn’t see my hands if they were stretched at arms length away from my body. But Tobias pulls me so close to him that I can set my eyes on his firm back.

Our hands interlock as we descend down the pit. I am wary of the pressure I am inflicting on him, overly wary. One moment, I feel like my grip on his hand is lacking, and the next I feel like I am squeezing him too hard. Even though I have improved from an Abnegation sensitivity to touch, I am not as contact welcoming as I would hope to be. When will I finally, accept touch like everyone else?

The rhythmic echoes of our footsteps are the only sounds we hear. We are too quiet for my satisfaction.

“So.” I start with the first thing that comes to mind, “four fears.”

He laughs a little, “Four fears then; Four fears now,” he says. “I don’t know which is worse- having many fears that you eventually get over, or having that few that seem to attach themselves to you forever. I don’t accept the fact that I never advance, so I keep revisiting, but I never make progress.”

“But well, you can’t be fearless, remember?” I say. “Because there are things your heart still cares for, about your life.”

“I am aware of that.”

We reach level ground, where it is brighter with the dim lights of the blue orbs. We walk along a narrow path I have never noticed before, but when I hear something I stop in my tracks. It is the sound of rushing water, slamming and crashing against rocks.

“Hey, It’s alright.” Tobias smiles down at me. He looks pale in the blue light. He must have seen the fear in my eyes. “You’ll be safe with me.”

I want to follow him down there; I want to prove to him, to myself, that I am brave, dauntless. But I think back to the night when I was almost hauled over its railings. Held by only Peter’s hands, dangling over the jagged rocks and strong waters. I think about Al’s death. The chasm had claimed him, took his life away. Oh, Al.

Tobias seems to see my tears through the darkness, or maybe he can just sense it. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and walks us slowly to the railings.

“Look at the water.” He says. It’s not a command; it’s more of a… persuasion. He leans over the edge slightly to take in the view. I hold his arm and he turns to look back at me, his head cocked to a side. I hadn’t realize I was pulling on his arm, holding his back like as though I was protecting him from tipping over and falling to his death.

“It’s, dangerous.” I say, defending myself.

“You are fearful.” He says, “The chasm is dangerous. But only when you hurl yourself down from five stories up.”

I don’t see where this is going.

“What if we observe it from below?” He smiles and I shake my head in disbelieve. He wouldn’t take me down there. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t!

“Lets start taunting our fears shall we?” And he guides me down steps leading to the chasm. I had not noticed the stone steps; they blended in with the rock wall, but from the way they were moldy from mist, they seemed to be pretty unused. Tobias, however, appeared to be familiar with this route. As we get closer to the waves, I tense up and he rubs my hand in attempt to soothe me. I feel an unexplainable shiver.

He hops down the last step, and we find a flat rock to sit on. I can feel water splash on my face. Tobias sits with his legs dangling over the edge of the rock, inches away from the running water. If he is to fall in, I am sure the water will carry him away with its current. Carrying his away from me.

“Could you, sit beside me?” I ask. He chuckles and shifts to my side. His body is so close, I can feel his heat radiating towards me. I squirm a little, I want him to lean closer. I want to lean closer. The little space between us feels like a barrier, and I want nothing more than to remove it. I want to feel his skin against mine. I want to feel his touch.

The suddenly, his puts his hand on my shoulder. I feel a shiver; his touch is like electricity. I feel a pulse in my head, probably because, for some reason, I forgot to breathe.

“Why are we here?” I say absent-mindedly. I wonder if he can tell that I am in a daze. I wonder why I am in a daze. What is it about him, about us, that makes me feel so mesmerized? I can’t put my finger on it.

“Don’t you like it?” He asks.

“No. I hate it.” I hate the place, but with him with me, just inches away from my face, it makes me love it.

He laughs.

I guess. We could talk about stuff.

“So, you were going to tell me about you aptitude test.” I remind.

“Why do you find that so important?”

“Curiosity.” I reply, “I want to know more about you.”

“And why is that?” He carries a cheeky smile.

Because you intrigue me! And I know too little about you, I need to know more.

“Because you are my instructor, and I feel the need to know about your background.”

Tobias laughs aloud, “Maybe you were cut out for Candor, Tris, because you’re a terrible liar.”

“Are you going to tell me or not?” I say, trying to sound cross through a tinge of embarrassment.

“You are one demanding girl.” He says, “But if you must know…”

I hold my breath. Please be Divergent! If he is Divergent, then we could figure it’s meaning together. We could figure why it’s such a danger. We could work things out together! I wouldn’t be alone!

“It was Abnegation.”

A weight drops in my stomach and disappointment overwhelms me. Then I realize something. Hadn’t I told my friends I was given Abnegation too? Hadn’t I lied to them about that? If I could lie to Christina and Will about my aptitude test results, why couldn’t Tobias be lying to me about his?

“What is it?” Tobias is squinting his eyes at me. I have been looking at him for too long.

“Oh nothing.” I reply, trying to think up something to say next, “you got an Abnegation result, and yet you chose Dauntless?”

“Out of necessity.”

“Why did you have to leave?”

I regret the words as soon as they leave my mouth. Marcus. He wanted to escape from his family. He wanted to run away. I feel the sting of the belt once again, as I had when it lashed at my wrist.

“You had to get away from your dad.” I say. “Is that why you refused to be a Dauntless leader? Because you might have to see him again?”

Tobias shrugs slightly. “That, and I’ve always felt that I don’t quite belong among the Dauntless. Not the way they are anyway.”

“But you’re… incredible.” I pause and clear my throat, “I mean, by Dauntless standards, four fears is unheard of.”

He shrugs. He doesn’t seem at all proud of his achievements, at his talent. I would only expect that from the Abnegation. And I am not sure what to make of it.

“I have a theory.” He says slowly, “that the Abnegation and the Dauntless aren’t all that different.”

I am amused. The Dauntless? The rowdy, reckless Dauntless and the quiet selfless Abnegation?

“Don’t be so surprised.” He says, “Selfishness and bravery have much in common. In the Abnegation, all your life you have been training to forget yourself, so when you’re in danger, it becomes your first instinct- to protect. I could belong in Abnegation just as easily.”

All of a sudden, I feel a wave of regret. All my time spent in the Abnegation, learning to forget myself and feel for others. I have never learnt well enough, my first instinct is still self-preservation.

“Well,” I say, “I left because I couldn’t be selfless enough. No matter how hard I try.”

“That’s not entirely true.” He smiles at me, it’s a genuine smile and lean in to hear more, “That girl who let me throw knifes at her to spare a friend, who hit my dad with a belt to protect me. Wasn’t that you?”

I try to sound humble, “I guess that was.”

We laugh over the roaring water. The waves clash against our rock and the water sprays over my ankles.

“After all the horrible things the Erudite have lied about the Abnegation, I have grown immune to their insults.” I say. “But the rumors about Marcus… I didn’t think they were telling the truth.”

I regret the words as soon as they come out.


“Don’t be.” He interrupts, “If anything, I am happy that even after you found out about my dad, you aren’t treating me like… like I’m a kicked puppy or something.”

“Well,” I say, “You’re not”

“Is that why you like me?”

His question is so sudden it hits me in the face. I am stunned to reply. Do I like him? If he is asking me this, then, I must have been doing something, saying something that has been suggesting me liking him. Then again, isn’t he the one who is always caring and saving and fighting for me? After he saved me from Peter and Drew and Al, I had not seen sympathy in his eyes. If he had pitied me, I would have had been disappointed. He doesn’t treat me like a kicked puppy either.

“Is that why you like me?” I ask back.

His eyes meet mine. They are wide open, watching me. He looks thoughtful. Then the ends of his mouth curl at the sides. He looks down at me. And his face gets bigger as he leans forwards. I observe his every feature. The crease on his forehead, his dark blue iris, the sharpness of his nose, the curve of his lips… We are so close; we are breathing the same air. I feel his breath hot against my face. He looks at my chin, my nose, and my mouth. The suddenly, he leans in and captures my mouth in his. His face carefully angled so our noses don’t clash. I feel his mouth pressed to mine, but I don’t know what to do. He breaks away from me and I am sure I had done something wrong. Then he grins and takes my face in his hands, skims his finger over my cheekbone and kisses me again. Harder this time, firmer, more certain. I close my eyes. He places his hand on my hip, skimming up my side as I find my hand moving towards his chest. He is warm, and I can feel his muscles under the thin shirt. I feel his heartbeat against my palm. Fast. Is my heart racing too? It is.

He breaks away again, and smiles at me. Then I realize that this kiss is a confession. We have just declared ourselves. I lunge forwards and wrap my arms around him. I feel his arm around my back. And for what seems like eternity, we are whole.


Jodette :)


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