Hi reader :)

Thanks for visiting this blog :) Whether it was by accident or not, thank you :)

This would not be my first blog, I manage 1 and a half other blogs, both from blogger. Thus, wordpress is pretty new to me. I personally find it difficult to navigate it’s settings and such… hopefully i’ll get used to it soon :D

I have been pondering on the true reason of creating a new blog. I have a blog, I talk about my life, I rant. The typical blog.Then I realized, that the purpose of my creating this blog, is not to talk about my life… not to bore you of my problems. Just to share with you, my whacky ideas and creations and theories of life. Wow that sounded deep :P

Am I sounding too much like Confucius? :D

At the same time though, I would like to keep things light-hearted and carefree, I take this blog as a blog of free opinion.  Thus, please comment :) I am eager to hear your ideas and opinions!

Since this purpose is made, I feel the need of providing information about myself is unnecessary. Why should it matter? Now that this blog is not just for me, but for you! For all of us!  Ooohhhh, it could be like… a little forum of thoughts :D

One little thing about me you should know- I love writing :) And in the process, it brings me to realize slightly new perspectives in situations. Too much again :P sorry :D

Another little thing you should know- My name is Jodette :D

I look forward to talking with you :)

Jodette :)


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